Get ready to get TRASHED

Get ready to get TRASHED

Save the date! Trail Trash Ultra will take place on Saturday, March 27th, 2021.

These routes we created are adventurous, gorgeous, challenging, and TRASHY! HAVE NO FEAR…..our races are wild and crazy with food and free beer for all our runners, loud music, high energy volunteers, and memories for a lifetime!

TRASH those trail legs on many of these trails that will be raced on for the first time with us! This is our first year moving this race to the Muddy Mountains, Bitter Springs. This is just a 25 minute drive North of North Las Vegas. Exit #75 off the I-15. The terrain is varied, with wide groomed trails and challenging single-track. The views are spectacular of mountains, valleys, and ravines! Race directors and Military/Veterans are ALWAYS steeply discounted. Thank you for your service! You never know the surprises we will have waiting around each corner for you! We are known for putting on lively and energetic races and always have a great time with our runners.

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