Fire Fest Ultra

Race Details

Fire Fest Ultra
November 18 – November 19, 2023
Logandale, Nevada

Come join us for a weekend Trail Fest!  Outdoor movies, food, music, karaoke!  Run, camp, and join the fun!  If you are running a longer distance, you will have lots of crazy spectators to keep you energized and going as you loop through the start/finish line.
Stunning course in the Mojave Desert’s color country! Run the backcountry trails of Valley of Fire State Park and get up close and personal with sandstone formations in this autumn desert oasis!
This is a race you will NEVER forget! There are over 45,000 acres of amazing, beautiful trails and stunning gorgeous rock formations. You will see petroglyphs that were left hundreds of years ago by inhabitants of the area. You’ll have a chance to see the night sky if you get out there early and especially if you camp! You will have the option of choosing a 100M, 100K, 50M, 50k, Marathon, Half, 10k, or 5k! Races are on Sat or Sun. If you decide to run both days, message us for the 2nd day discount!! **Note, the 100 miler, 100K, & 50 miler are only on Saturday.
Wildlife, Plant Life, And Some History

The desert may look a little barren at first take, but there are bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, Black-tailed jackrabbit, skunk, antelope, coyote, bobcat, ect.. There are also many species of lizards and snakes that live in this desert oasis. Keep a lookout also for the various plant life. There are Yucca plants, Creosote, Desert Paintbriss, Prickly Pear cactus and ect..

Absolutely stunning so bring your camera!

Also, just in the canyons is ‘Mouse’s Tank’. It was named after an alleged Southern Paiute Indian renegade named ‘Little Mouse’ who hid out there in the 1890’s. He was accused of gunning down two prospectors and many other crimes. Mouse was never found but they believe they found his watering hole, ‘Mouse’s Tank’.

Packet Pickup

This will take place at the staging area, 45m-1hr prior to your start time. You will be able to sign up the day of. Please bring cash or check.


Register Today

You must register by Saturday 10/25/2023 in order to be guaranteed a shirt and your requested size!

Race Day Registration: Cash or check.

Triple Dare Running Company always supports our military and veterans. Email us for deep discounts!

Please arrive to the staging area 45m- 1hr early.

Distances, Start Times, Cut-Offs

DistanceStart TimeCut-Off Time
100 mi (Saturday only)5:00 AM - 4:00 AM early start option35 hours
100 km (Saturday only)5:00 AM - 4:00 AM early start option35 hours
50 mi (Saturday only)6:00 AM - 4:00 AM early start option25 hours
50 km6:00 AM15 hours on Saturday & 12 hours on Sunday
Marathon (26.2 mi)7:00 AM15 hours
Half-Marathon (13.1 mi)7:30 AM10 hours
10 km8:00 AM5 hours
5 km8:30 AM5 hours


Aid Stations

We will have plenty of hammer/heed, water, GU, salty snacks, food, and fruits for you. First aid will be at every aid station. (see maps for details). We always have food, drinks, and snacks at the finish line. We want to meet you individually. We will be running around but please stop us and say “Hi”. For our ultrarunners, you will be fed hot food.


**Ultrarunners, if you have any food requests, please email Heidi at [email protected]

Course Description

**5K – out and back with one aid station stocked with electrolytes and water.

**10K – out and back with aid at 1.55 miles and 3.1 miles. There is a bathroom at 3.1 miles, and the aid station will contain water, electrolytes, and sweet and salty snacks.

**½ Marathon – out and back with aid at 1.55 miles, 3.1 miles, and 6.55 miles. 3.1 miles and 6.55 miles will be stocked with water, electrolytes, and sweet and salty snacks.

**Marathon – You will run the loop 1 time and then an out and back of approximately 5 miles out and 5 miles back. (See below for aid on the loop. You will also receive aid at 1.55 miles, 3.1 miles, 7.2 miles, and 8.7 miles during your out and back.)

**50K – You will run 2 loops without turning left at the fork toward Jurassic Park.

**50-miler – You will run 3 loops and then a .83m out and back.

**100K – You will run 4 loops without turning left at Jurassic Park.

**100-miler – You will run 6 loops and then a very short out and back of about 1/10 mile out and 1/10 back to make it a perfect 100 miles.

Directions and Parking


One hour north of Las Vegas (61 miles)
1- From the I-15, take hwy 169 toward Logandale/Overton.
2- Turn right on Liston Rd (right after small post office).
3- Follow road to the right and cross the railroad track.
4- Follow the road to the Logandale Trail System.
5- Staging area/Start line will be on your right. Can’t miss it!



There will be overflow parking over a half mile before the main staging area on the left. If you are running the 10k or 5k, more than likely you will be directed here. We will not have a shuttle this year due to the pandemic, so please arrive early.

Valley of Fire State Park is now charging $10 a car for parking per day. Please bring cash with you on race day or pay at the packet pick-up.


There will be a podium finish. When three deep male/female come in from a certain distance, we will announce the winners. The plaques are always hand made that you will cherish and want to sleep with every night.
All finishers will receive an awesome hand made medal that you will wear in honor.



We LOVE camping! Make sure you get to Logandale Trail System early enough on Friday the 13th to find a spot before the locals do. There are no RV hookups available. If you can’t find a spot, crash with us at the staging area. (unfortunately we won’t be doing a whole lot of sleeping and we may be a little loud).



Template: TRIPLEDARE (use if calling in your reservation)

Call In #: 866-767-7773

Web Code: CATRIPLE (type in “Offer Code” box using the Web Link) must be in all CAPS

Web Link: Red Rock Resort


Template: TRIPLEDARE (use if calling in your reservation)

Call In #: 866-782-9487

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Web Link: Green Valley Ranch


Web Code: CATRIPLE (type in “Offer Code” box using the Web Link) must be in all CAPS

Web Link: Sunset Station


Volunteers are an essential element of any race, but especially for trail races. We have some of the best volunteers and we are always looking for some more.

Fire Fest Ultra: Fire Fest Ultra (

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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