Frequently Asked Questions

If I run a three race series, like Run the Canyons and Three Degrees of Hell, do I need to run each of the three races?

No, you can run one, two, or all three. You earn a medal for each race, and you earn a fourth medal if you run all three.

How do I earn the Triple Dog Dare Award?

You need to sign up for three race series in three different cities to show what an animal you really are!

How do your race awards work?

We award the top three men and women after each of the three races, and then we have awards for cumulative points at the end of all three races, and awards are given three deep in each age category, along with the top three men and women overall. EVERY runner will receive a medal for completing all three races.

I've always wanted to be a beauty queen/king! Do you have a contest for this?

Oh, yes, we DO! Trail runners are known for their knees! We display our scars with pride, so we decided that we should have an award for this! Be proud of those gnarly knees! Our judges will pick the top man and woman with the “Gnarliest Knees” right before our first race and present them with our coveted plaques.

Will I be running in the dark?

Most runners should be able to complete their races before the sun goes down, but if you are worried, head lamps are needed.

Why are you holding your races during these times?

We know people are busy with life, family, and work. This race series makes it possible for almost anyone to complete a big challenge without disrupting their lives too much! This leaves Sunday free to travel home or play some more!

Are there cut-off times?

We have to have cut-off times in order to get our timer to the next race, but we love our runners and are thankful for your support, so there will be people waiting for you at the finish line!

Do I need to bring water with me on the run?

We will have at least one water stop for each event. This means that a runner will not go more than approximately a few miles without aid. If you require more than that, please bring water as well.

What will you have at the water stations?

We LOVE our runners and want you to have fun, so you will enjoy our stations! Electrolyte drinks, water, fruit, and surprise treats will be available. Our volunteers will have music to “PUMP YOU UP” and would love to take your picture, tell you a joke, sing you a song, or give you a kick in the butt to get you moving again!

Will you have a photographer?

Yes, we will!! We will have pictures for you to access after the race, a photo booth, and volunteers that would be happy to snap some for you as well!

Do I need to provide my own transportation?

Yes! On the occasion when we cannot have traffic at a race start, you can have a friend or family member drop you off, or we will provide transportation for a small fee.

Will the race shirts be UGLY?

Heck no! We want to make sure you LOVE your shirt and only use the nicest materials with the coolest designs…no cheesy shirts here!

Will there be merchandise for sale?

Yes, Triple Dare will have race merchandise for sale along with our vendors and sponsors. Click on our “Sponsor” tab to see who will be joining us for our race.

Will there be food available for sale?

Yes! We are working with our charity to provide food for a donation. All money goes to our charity.

I want you to bring a race series to my city! How can we do that?

We are excited to travel and found that trail runners are pretty AWESOME no matter where we go! Let us know about your city and the great trails, and we will see what we can do.

Are the trails technical? Are trail shoes recommended?

Make sure you click the tab to find out about the trails in the series you want to do. The fun thing about three trails is that the terrain will vary each time. Some trails are technical and require trail shoes, while road shoes may work for some. When in doubt, wear trail shoes!! They just make you look more hard-core!

What can I do in between each race?

That is completely up to you, but we have worked with AMAZING sponsors to bring you discounts for activities in between each race. If you are interested in doing any of these activities, book fast!